Parents and Families

Your family’s involvement is important to your child. You may become actively involved by visiting the school during the day; sharing your special talents; or helping with special events, parties, and/or classroom activities. Two parent/teacher evenings are scheduled during the year, and you will receive a written progress report twice a year. You are also encouraged to schedule meetings with your child’s teacher on an as needed basis.

Parents are given the opportunity to develop relationships with each other as our school schedules family events from time to time and requests help from parents for specific tasks or goal-oriented fundraisers to benefit the children. Recent family events have included our annual Lynch Park picnic held in the Fall, a Pancake Breakfast held over the Winter months, and an evening family event held in the Spring. We are always looking for additional ways to gather as a community, so we encourage you to contact the Director to inquire about ways to be involved.