A complete, dated and signed health form, listing general health status and immunizations, is required from each child entering school. As part of this health care report, proof that the child has had a physical within the last 12 months must be included. The health form must be dated and signed by the physician. Note: A medical exemption is allowed if a health care provider submits documentation that an immunization is medically contraindicated; or, a religious exemption is allowed if a parent submits a signed statement that immunizations are contrary to their religious beliefs.

The following health form regulations apply to all children entering the program:

Required Immunizations For Day Care/Preschool

Hepatitis B 3 doses
DTaP/DTP/DT/Td at least 4 doses
DTaP/DTP – Polio at least 3 doses
Hib 3 or 4 doses
MMR 1 dose
Varicella 1 dose or physician certified history of the chicken pox disease
Lead test required at age 2 and 3

As required by state regulations (102 CMR 7.07 and 105 CMR 220.00), the Massachusetts Department of Public Health has established the following requirements for attendance at day care, preschool, kindergarten, school and college. These requirements are the minimally acceptable number of immunizations for day care centers and schools. 

We thank all of our parents/guardians for their cooperation as we strive to comply with these state requirements!